Tips for Parents to Keep Their Teens Safe on Graduation Night

When the high school graduation season arrives, it could only mean two things-fun and excitement for teens and a good deal of worry for parents. As a parent, you are worried whether your little one will have fun, drive safely, and overcome the peer pressure to indulge drug and alcohol abuse.

Parents/guardians have to face the facts relating to the excitement and fun and find ways of keeping everything in order. You need to sit down with your kid and have a candid conversation on how to approach the occasion to ensure maximum safety of the child.

You need to know where your child intends to go and which group of friends will be accompanying him/her. As the high school graduation season approaches, here are some tips for parents that will make for an enjoyable and safe celebration for everyone.

Hire a Limousine for Your Teen

This is a classy solution to some of your worries. Do your research and go for a company that is willing to abide by your set rules. It will be wise to meet with the limo company of your choice to discuss all your concerns and expectations so that the chauffeur can also play a critical role in ensuring that the evening is a safe and memorable one.

Determine the Itinerary for the Evening

Ask your little one for a detailed itinerary for their night including the exact venues, times, and contact numbers. Ensure that you know all the details of the plan and advise your little one to stick to the plan since you will be checking on them from time to time.

Get the contact numbers of your kid’s friends and their parents’ contacts as well so that you can always be in a position to reach someone. Inform your child that you expect him/her to answer all calls and texts should you decide to contact him/her.

Set and Maintain Curfews

There is nothing that your kids can do after midnight that you can’t do before midnight. When it comes to the graduation evening, this is no longer a trust issue but a safety issue. Do you want your kids to be loitering out there after midnight?

Choose an hour to which you are willing to let your kids stay out. Inform them that you need everyone back home before that time of latest that time. If you must alter the curfew, don’t let the time go unaccounted for. It is always good to know where your child is, who else is there, and what activities he/she is engaged in.

Make Your Position on Drinking and Driving Clear

Although you might think that your teen won’t listen to you when it comes to matters of drinking and driving on their big day, we want to assure you that your opinion matters. They will walk out knowing that they will be in trouble if they go against your instructions.

Parents have a significant impact on how their little ones view and treat alcohol. Therefore, make sure that you enforce a strict no-alcohol and drugs policy before, during, and after the party. Letting them know your stand will reduce the chances of illegal substances showing up at the graduation party.