What Safety Precautions Are Limousine Companies Doing To Stop COVID-19?

It is no secret that our lives have been upended in different ways since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. As the virus continues to spread across the world, many of us have been forced to find ways of adapting to the new norm.

During these unusual times, the safety of mass transit has been questioned. Even though taxis have been seen as a good alternative, they are not as hygienic and comfortable as limousines. Every limo company in Montreal has adjusted how it operates to focus more on client safety and well being.

Here are some of the things that limousine companies are doing to combat the spread of COVID-19.

1. Frequent Health and Wellness Screening

Chauffeurs are required to undergo thorough temperature screening using a no-touch thermometer at the beginning and end of every ride. The temperature checks are reported back to the office, and if any chauffeur shows signs of illness, his/her rides are reassigned.

2. Chauffeurs and Office Employees Wear Masks at All Times

In addition to frequent temperature screening, limousine chauffeurs and office employees must wear a protective mask that covers their nose and mouth completely. Chauffeurs are expected to wear latex or surgical gloves while handling passenger luggage or driving.

They must also maintain a distance of at least two meters from clients and cannot touch their own eyes, face, or protective mask during official working hours. They also use approved hand sanitizers and disinfectants just before and after every ride.

3. Vehicle Capacity Is Set At 50% for All Vehicle Types

To maintain social distancing inside the limousine, all vehicle types have now been restricted to ferry half the number of passengers they used to carry before the pandemic. So, whether you are hiring a party bus or a wedding limo, don’t expect it to carry passengers to full capacity.

Also, to mitigate contact and conversation between the chauffeur and passengers, the front seat is left vacant. Some limo companies are only allowing a maximum of two passengers per trip to enforce social distancing.

4. Disinfecting of the Limos Before and After Every Ride

Every limo company in Montreal is thoroughly disinfecting and sanitizing its fleet before and after every trip to minimize contamination. Therefore, you can be assured that you are traveling in a clean and safe limousine.

During disinfection and sanitization, cleaners pay close attention to high-touch surfaces such as armrests, steering wheel, seats, headrests, door handles, ceiling lights, window buttons, air vents, and phone charging ports. Nothing is left to chance.

5. Ensuring Proper Air Circulation

Chauffeurs are now expected to keep their vehicle’s air system off the recirculation setting to allow fresh air to get into the vents and circulate through the car.

Although this measure tends to reduce the effectiveness of air conditioning a little bit, the minor discomfort caused is much better than blowing contaminated air in the enclosed car. Even though the virus is not airborne, this measure is meant to ensure nothing is left to chance.