Stricter Drunk Driving Laws Take Effect Across Canada

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New legislation that will increase the penalties for drunk driving and give the police more powers to demand breath samples took effect across Canada on Tuesday, December 18th 2018. The legislation, which was passed in June, seeks to curb injuries and death by helping the police to nab drivers with more than the legal limit of alcohol in their bloodstreams.

The previous law required the police officer to have reasonable suspicion that a driver is drunk before requesting for breath samples. The new law raises the maximum penalties for any drunk- driving related offences to ten years from the initial five years.

Law experts say that this is a radical departure from the previous law and motorists will need to be extra careful especially during this festive season. Statistics show that this year alone, alcohol and drugs have been a major contributing factor in the deaths of more than 40 people on OPP-patrolled roads hence the implementation of the new legislation.

What Are the New Penalties for Alcohol Impaired Driving?

Drivers who will be found driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will now face higher charges. For any alcohol or drug-impaired driving that doesn’t cause bodily harm or death, the driver will pay a mandatory minimum fine of $1,000. If it is the first offence and the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is between 120mg and 150mg, the driver will part with at least $1,500. If you refuse to be tested, you will be forced to pay a minimum mandatory fine of $2,000.

If it is your second offence, you will face a mandatory minimum thirty days imprisonment. For third and other subsequent offences, you will spend a minimum of 120 days in custody.

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