Driver vs. Chauffeur: What Is the Difference?

Most of us use the terms chauffeur and driver quite frequently. While some people tend to associate each one of them to different scenarios, most of us use them interchangeably. You must have used the term driver to mean chauffeur and vice versa.

But, did you know that the two professionals are entirely different and one can’t be compared to the other? The differences start from training to the level of service that each category offers. For instance, Montreal limousine companies hire professionally trained chauffeurs while Uber hires qualified drivers.

So, what is the difference between a driver and a chauffeur? Let us find out.

Customer experience

Although the primary function of a chauffeur and a driver seem to be the same on the surface, the difference in the experience you get is massive. Both jobs involve getting passengers from point A to B. However; drivers only do what their name implies and nothing more. They just drive and won’t provide you with an experience.

By contrast, chauffeurs are employed to ensure you get an “experience.” Chauffeurs are highly trained to perform their job, and they will be at your service throughout the trip. Their intense training prepares them to offer the best possible experience for their clients throughout the journey. The job of a chauffeur begins even before the actual driving starts.

They will greet you, open the car door for you, and usher you into the vehicle. They will then take time to confirm your trip details, explain how long it will take, and ask you if there is anything you want help with so they can assist.

Customized service

Imagine you are headed to a conference in Montreal and have a limited time there. Hiring a driver can only help to get you to the airport on time, nothing else. However, hiring a chauffeur can help you get other things done as well.

For instance, a chauffeur understands the city so well and can make recommendations on the best places to eat and even help you make reservations if needed. Furthermore, if you need things done along the way, you can talk to your chauffeur to help you, and you won’t incur extra charges.

We are talking about simple things such as getting coffee for you or arranging a visit to some of the city’s best sites by getting your entrance tickets.

Training and experience

When applying for a driver’s job, the only requirement is to be above the specified age in your province and have a valid driver’s license and insurance. Technically, it means that almost everybody can become a driver.

However, things change when it comes to being a chauffeur. While there is no specific educational requirement you need to meet to be employed as a chauffeur, there are many other things that the employer will be looking at before you get hired.

For instance, Montreal limousine companies will consider your training, driving history, criminal records, not having a history of major traffic incidents, and most importantly, you must possess a valid chauffeur’s license.

Some companies require their chauffeurs to undergo mandatory training in customer service before they get hired. The bottom line is to ensure that the chauffeur provides a safe and memorable ride to all clients.